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Welcome to "300MB UNITED Movie Topic" . All movies you find here are in the 300MB\400MB range, depending on the runtime of the movie the size can vary but will primarily stay within 300MB (3 RapidShare links). The main aim of this project is to allow RS free users, low bandwidth users, people with a slow internet connection or the ones who want movies to take less space on there hard drive to download movies which look great and are small in size.

All movies are compressed using the x264 codec which is far superior to XViD, the output format is in .mkv. The sources of the movies can range from 1080P & 720P Rips/HD-Rips/DVDrips to DVDSCR/R5 (Depending on when the movie was released). I will generally be updating this topic every once in a while with new movies, I will be focusing towards movies in 2007 and all NEW movies that come out this year.

Hope you appreciate all the effort gone into this, and if you would like to support us then please post a reply to this topic, it will only take 10 seconds of your time.


Release formats

Here is a table of pirated movie release types along with respective sources, ranging from the lowest quality to the highest. Scene rules define in which format and way each release type is to be packaged and distributed.

Type Label Rarity
Cam "CAM" Common; Quality issues make this an unpopular format
A copy made in a cinema using a camcorder, possibly mounted on a tripod. The sound source is the camera microphone. Cam rips can quickly appear online after the first preview or premiere of the film. The quality ranges from terrible to very good, depending on the group of persons performing the recording and the resolution of the camera used. The main disadvantage of this is the sound quality. The microphone does not only record the sound from the movie, but also the background sound in the cinema. The camera can also record movements of the audience in the theater, like when someone stands up in front of the screen.
Telesync "TS"
Very common
Contrary to popular belief, the video quality of a TS is not necessarily better than a cam. The term Telesync doesn't indicate better video quality but better audio quality. The CAM source is then synchronized with a secondary audio recording, either done with a professional microphone in an empty cinema (even though by Scene Rules this would be nuked since the audio is not direct, they are hard to tell the difference), fed directly from the cinema's sound system, or captured from an FM radio transmission intended for hearing-impaired customers. Often, a "Cam" is mislabeled as a telesync.

PDVD, also known as Pre-DVD, is a release type found mostly in India and/or for Indian movies, with Bollywood movies being the majority. Low quality CAM/TS releases in India put on a DVD and sold on the streets, which are ripped by some release groups and released as PDVD rips. They are often mistaken for being DVD rips, due to the name.

Workprint "WP"
Very rare
A copy made from an unfinished version of a film produced by the studio. Typically a workprint has missing effects and overlays, and often differ from its theatrical release. Some workprints have a time index marker running in a corner or on the top edge; some may also include a watermark. A workprint might be an uncut version, and missing some material that would appear in the final movie.
Screener "SCR"
These are early DVD or VHS releases of the theatrical version of a film, typically sent to movie reviewers, Academy members, and executives for review purposes. A screener normally has a message overlaid on its picture, with wording similar to: "The film you are watching is a promotional copy, if you purchased this film at a retail store please contact 1-800-NO-COPIES to report it." Apart from this, some movie studios release their screeners with a number of scenes of varying duration shown in black-and-white. Aside from this message, and the occasional B&W scenes, screeners are normally of only slightly lower quality than a retail DVD-Rip, due to the smaller investment in DVD mastering for the limited run. Some screener rips with the overlay message get cropped to remove the message and get released misslabled as DVDRips.

Note: Screeners make a small exception here, since the content may differ from a retail version, it can be considered as lower quality than a DVD-Rip (even if the screener in question was sourced from a DVD).

R5 "R5" Very common
The R5 Line is a retail DVD from region 5. Region 5 consists of Eastern Europe (Former Soviet Union), Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia. R5 releases differ from normal releases in that they are a direct Telecine transfer of the film without any of the image processing. If the DVD does not contain an English-language audio track, the R5 video is synced to a previously released English audio track. This means that the sound often isn't as good as DVDRips.
Telecine "TC"
Fairly rare; losing popularity due to R5
A copy captured from a film print using a machine that transfers the movie from its analog reel to digital format. These were rare because telecine machines for making these prints were very costly and very large, however, recently they have become much more common. Telecine has basically the same quality as DVD, since the technique is same as digitizing the actual film to DVD. However, the result is inferior since the source material is usually a lower quality copy reel. Telecine machines usually cause a slight left-right jitter in the picture and have inferior color levels compared to DVD.
BD/BR Rip BDRip or BRRip It is becoming common
Similar to DVD Rip, only the source is a Bluray disc
DVD Rip "DVDRip" Very common
A final retail version of a film, typically released before it is available outside its originating region. Often after one "release group" releases a high-quality DVD-Rip, the "race" to release that film will stop. Because of their high quality, DVD-Rips generally replace any earlier copies that may already have been circulating.
DVDR "DVDR image" Very common
A final retail version of a film in DVD format. Usually a complete copy from the original DVD. If the original DVD is released in the DVD-9 format, extras might be removed and/or the video re-encoded to make the image fit the more common and less expensive (for burning) DVD-5 format. DVDR releases often follow DVD-Rips after a few hours. DVDRs will normally be larger files, (around 4.5GB). DVDRs contain the menus etc.
HDTV or DS Rip "TVRip"
"DSR or STV"
Most common
TVRip is a capture source from an analog capture card (coaxial/composite/s-video connection)
STV (Subscription TV Rip). Digital stream rip (DSR) is a rip that is captured from a non standard definition digital source like satellite.
HDTV or PDTV rips often come from Over-the-Air transmissions. With an HDTV source, the quality can sometimes even surpass DVD. Movies in this format are starting to grow in popularity.
Analog, DSR, and PDTV sources are often re-encoded to 512x384 if fullscreen, 640x352 if widescreen. HDTV sources are re-encoded to multiple resolutions such as 640x352 (360p), 960x528 (540p), 1280x720 (720p) at various file sizes for pirated releases. In Europe, DVB-S is a method for recording from satellite decoders like SKY. They can be progressive scan captured or not (480i digital transmission).

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